Drive value through relentless

Process Automation & Orchestration


Work with Raindance to identify the low-hanging fruit as well as the more complex, high-value use cases for automation & integration. We’ll help you measure current performance and project future performance and cost savings.


Raindance will create enterprise-grade automation across your multivendor environment in a secure and scalable fashion. Organized to promote and measure value throughout you will begin to recognize value from automation in as little as a couple days.


Raindance leverages market-leading solutions to automate your environment. In doing so we also build automation in a modular fashion to be easily resuable for other processes as well as easy for your team to maintain and improve-upon.

Core technologies we use:

What to automate and why.

Not all processes are created equally, not everything should be automated.

Raindance has a long history of helping organizations like yours identify and automate high-value processes. We can help you whether its a repetitive task that happens thousands of times a week or an intricate process (like failover and failback) that must be successful when it runs.

Here’s how we do it:

We always start by ensuring we understand you and your objectives. Once we have a handle on what is important to you we analyze the use cases you’ve provided or we will suggest a short term analysis of your environment to identify candidates for automation.

Once we’ve agreed-upon candidate use cases for automation we measure: what does it cost you to execute the process as-is today? If there are existing metrics we interrogate them, if they don’t exist, we’ll help you create ones that make sense.

When we collectively have a good feel for the weight and significance of a particular candidate process for automation we will set out a path to get you there along with the likely business and technical outcome of automation. You will know the outcome of automation from a business and technical perspective before you invest in that outcome.

When we’ve mutually agreed-upon good business and technical use cases we will automate those tasks or processes in a modular, scalable fashion leveraging the suite of tools most familiar to your team. Don’t have a tool? We can suggest one based off the skills profile of your staff.

Automation you can trust

Raindance aligns itself directly to your goals and not a technology sale. Those of us that have worked in technology for a long time know that there are a number of ways to implement new technical capabilities, but they’re not all equal. When you work with Raindance we show you where the technology lock-in is, we validate the scalability of a vendor’s solution, we know where the gotchas are in the technical implementation of a solution, and we can show you with a high degree of accuracy your likely total cost of ownership associated with the recommendations we make on your behalf.

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Scalable, Supportable Automation

Modular automation designed for the long haul. 

Knowing what to automate and why is important, but knowing how to best automate a process is just as important. Raindance has a long track record of success in automating high-value processes in a scalable supportable manner.

Whether its a process with hundreds of steps and multiple integrations and hand-offs between multiple vendor solutions, or its a process running hundreds or even thousands of times per hour, our automation is designed to scale and be easily supportable by your team.

In practice this means that we follow best practices around code design and review. We leverage technology solutions and languages that your team is familiar with. If we write code, that code is peer-reviewed and fully commented so that your team always knows what it does and why. Sometimes it can be  the simple common sense stuff that is too often missed these days that makes the difference.

We also design automation to be modular. Automation in itself is a powerful tool for driving value, but it is even more powerful when it is designed to be reusable, referenceable, inheritable. We create the building blocks for success and work with you to build success with automation, leaving you with reusable blocks to further build success.

Importantly, we also stress measurement. There’s no other way to objectively determine whether we’ve been successful unless we take before and after measurements. At the conclusion of an automation engagement with Raindance, your organization will possess fully automated processes, measured from start to end leveraging metrics that make sense for your organization and built upon modular code, written in languages you’re familiar with using best practices for code development and review.

Iteratively improve upon a solid foundation of automation.

Modular enterprise-grade automation promotes reusable code, maximizes portability, and gives you a solid foundation on which you can improve and extend the automation we work with you to create.

Here’s an example: A large financial services customer of ours worked with us to create an automated process to deploy an application to existing virtual infrastructure with ties into service management, monitoring and their service request portal.

Upon this base process automation they were then able to make the following improvements, some of which we built, and much of which they extended on their own:

  1. Reused automated application provisoning content to provision any packaged application.
  2. Reused front-end portal integration to offer multiple services offerings
  3. Built additional modular automation to provision physical / virtual infrastructure and then layer on configured applications.
  4. Integrated operational monitoring of platform stack.
  5. Integrated functional application testing.

And from here they could continue on to enabling infrastructure-as-code in which the application can define the system resources which are required for the application to operate and place the application with those resources or provision them if they are not yet in place.

Our team would love to talk to you about how automation and orchestration can drive business and technical value for your organization.

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