Agile & Actionable

Strategy and Agile Assessment


A short engagement with our team to determine your current state, desired state, and an actionable roadmap to become more Agile. Build a path to automate or improve your continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) maturity.


Raindance consultants align to your business and technology priorities, leveraging the solutions which are strategic to your business. In short, we will tell you how to get where you’re looking to go leveraging the people, tools, and solutions you have. We will tell you how to fill any gaps which exist and give you an actionable path to maturing the capabilities you have.


All Raindance assessments come with an actionable implementation plan, unique to the opportunities within your organization. We very clearly articulate the what, when, how, and why so that you can achieve your near and longer term objectives around becoming more Agile.

Assessments unique to your organization

Raindance assessments capture who you are as an organization to deliver the results you need.

Not all assessments are created equal. Rather than take a common one size fits all approach Raindance assessments are tailored to meet the specific needs of your budget, the scope of your area of need, and your timeline.

Here’s how we do it:

We start with an informational call with you and your team to learn more about your organization, where you’re at, and what’s important to you. During this initial call we will walk you through our approach as well as some of the information we typically look for when engaged in an assessment. This will give you an opportunity to align the resources on your team for meetings and gather information (architecture diagrams, process flows, etc) prior to our direct engagement with you.

Based on the initial call we may propose an assessment for your consideration. We’ve done assessments in as little as a week and we’ve also been engaged in multi-month comprehensive assessments of large organizations.

If you’re a large organization or believe you would benefit from an increased scope to your assessment we may recommend a free 1-2 day workshop with your team to discuss in more detail your specific needs. As a part of the workshop we will discuss the best way to engage with your organization to ensure that we’re driving as much value as possible while being respectful of your available time.

We will review any collateral you provide us prior coming on site or scheduling meetings with your team. For discovery purposes we will also provide you with questionnaires in advance to expedite information gathering while we work with you.

We will walk you through our information collection and interview process. Then our team will begin to iterate through its construction of your current state, desired state, and provide you with an actionable roadmap complete with the business, personnel, and technology changes to get you there.

Recommendations you can trust

Raindance aligns itself directly to your goals and not a technology sale. Those of us that have worked in technology for a long time know that there are a number of ways to implement new technical capabilities, but they’re not all equal. When you work with Raindance we show you where the technology lock-in is, we validate the scalability of a vendor’s solution, we know where the “gotchas” are in the technical implementation of a solution, and we can show you with a high degree of accuracy your likely total cost of ownership associated with the recommendations we make on your behalf.

People, Process, & Technology

Recommendations designed for your team and strategic partners

Raindance provides sensible, actionable recommendations because they’re designed for the organization you are and that you want to be, not the good consumer of specific technology that some vendors would prefer you to be.

In practice this means that the time to value associated with our recommendations is condensed. We consider the skills your team has and how you like to best acquire and augment those skills.

We evaluate your people and technology processes for areas in which we can streamline or automate the process while preserving or enhancing enterprise service management and governance.

We make technology recommendations to enhance your capabilities or fill gaps, not to establish a beachhead from which to sell you more software. When we make a technology recommendation it is based on the bedrock of an understanding of your skills and desired near-term and future outcomes.

In short you can trust to act as a responsible partner free of any bias or conflicts-of-interest.

Rock solid implementation with enterprise-grade support.

Our primary concern with any assessment we do is to accurately reflect the priorities of your organization and provide you with an actionable roadmap to get there.

Many of our customers have found that as they have looked to implement a DevOps strategy, modernize their applications, or create continuous integration and delivery pipelines that they simply do not have the available resource time to do so.

In those circumstances our customers trust Raindance to deliver the actionable roadmap on their behalf either in whole or in part via an Agile, project-managed engagement, at the conclusion of which you will have improved technical capabilities, a team ready to operate and extend these capabilities and documented, mesurable business and technology outcomes.

Our team would love to talk to you about how an assessment for your organization can provide you with independent advice and guidance on effective cultural, organizational, process and tooling considerations as you make your journey to becoming a more Agile organization.

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